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Additional Window Treatments

Window Coverings, Drapes & Treatments

Window shutters are made from various materials today, but the traditional design is of wood which is flexible, and durable. Wood shutters still remain the most popular material choice among homeowners. However, there are downsides to wood shutters. They can warp or crack, be damaged from storms or thrown objects, and require frequent painting. The rise of technology has allowed for other materials to be used to manufacture shutters. Vinyl shutters are a trendy alternative to wood for today’s homes. Polyvinyl is waterproof which make shutters made from this material ideal for wet or humid climates, or for wet, humid rooms such as bathrooms or terrariums. Vinyl shutters are virtually maintenance free, but they are much weaker and less durable than wood.
Shutters can be custom-made to fit practically any size window, door, or other opening. It is recommended, however, to avoid using shutters for areas that are more than 9 feet in height as the panels are not sufficiently strong to withstand the weight of the louvres.

Why Choose Window Blinds Direct for Additional Window Treatments?

The Window Blinds Direct team also understands the importance of excellent customer service. Therefore we take the steps necessary to ensure your experience with us is pleasant and satisfying. Various options are available that allow flexibility for meeting your schedule and supplying what your home needs. We have professional design experts that will come to your home and provide free consultations. They offer suggestions and help you choose the best additional window treatments for your unique needs. We also bring samples to your home so you can make selections from the comfort of your living room.

Additional Window Treatments