Custom California Shutters In Toronto Are Closer Than You Think

When we’ve installed California window shutters in Toronto, homeowners reveal they adore the appearance with their new window treatment. But that’s not all they love about any of it. Our specialists demonstrate what makes our custom California shutters products the right fit for your home. And you will be astonished at how much value you get when you order your shutters from Window Blinds Direct.

California Shutters


What do you get when you couple a baked-on color finish with UV inhibitors in the shutter? Something that won’t warp and color that won’t fade. This is exclusively the truth with our custom California shutters. Manufactured from premium synthetic real wood substitute, Polywood is designed for the hottest conditions in Toronto and the sun’s most harmful rays to go on in your home for 50+ years. If that’s not strength, we don’t know what is.

Energy Efficiency

If we informed you our custom California shutters are the most energy conserving screen shutter you will get, will you trust our promise? What if we informed you our Polywood shutters insulate up to 70% much better than a similar solid wood shutter. Polywood shutters also decrease heat copy by 45.96%. Homeowners in Toronto already are seeing substantial savings on their cooling and heating bills. And you may too.


Want your shutters to fit your color scheme? We can color Polywood in superior white or custom hues of blue, grey, and yellowish. And we can stain Ovation shutters with 28 lumber stains. This is merely one of the many ways California shutters placed themselves apart as a windows treatment for your Toronto home. Another way Californias shutters prove themselves as the perfect home window treatment is by the in vogue look their louvres create. With sizes as large as 4.5″, these custom shutters cause clean lines across your windowpane. And we propose incorporating California window shutters with a concealed tilt rod. This way, you get an unhampered view of the window and ultimate control over the room’s brightness.

Temperature Control

What if you can adjust the heat at home quickly by moving a louvre? That’s just what our California shutters enable you to do. When shut, Polywood shutters block up to 30 levels of air flow. And by slightly altering the louvres to a preferred position, you can let in some of the effects of the exterior elements. In this manner, the couch by the window pane is pleasant twelve months a year. Also, your cooling and heating system works less time now that you have reduced almost all of the weather’s impact.  No one features the durability, beauty, energy efficiency, and heat control of California shutters as we do. But that’s not all we offer. Our experts assist you in selecting the shutter type, color, and louvre size that best complements your style. Not only that, but they also build shutters based on the precise measurements of your doors and windows, ensuring they look superb – and the louvres operate flawlessly. This all occurs during the free in-home assessment we offer in Toronto.