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Selecting Window Shades
When people think of “window treatments”, they often picture curtains or draperies. That is no surprise because the idea that shades can be both functional and stylish is a somewhat foreign one to anyone who is not familiar with custom window shades and everything they have to offer. The truth is that window shades in Toronto can be just as beautiful, eye catching, and stylish as drapes, and they can work to emphasize the style of the room in question just as well. That does not mean that selecting the right shades in Toronto will be easy, of course, and it is important to understand that many factors must be taken into consideration when you are selecting new window shades.

Light Control Of Window Shades

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting shades is their light control. As the name implies, shades are intended to shade you from the light that might reach your windows from outside. Window shades are particularly useful for someone who must sleep during the day, for example, and always wakes up by the bright sun. The right kind can help eliminate that problem and result in a room that is ideally suited for daytime rest.

This does not mean that only individuals who are interested in blackout shades will find something to suit their style. However, the truth is that there are many kinds of shades out there. If you want a gentler form of light filtering, some shades can help you achieve the kind of diffused light that is perfect for your needs. Remember to ask to see how the shades perform in action!

When faced with bright sunlight, the appearance of shades tends to change along with the light it filters dynamically. Your shades might look very different during the day, in other words, then they do at night or on a showroom floor where there is no natural sunlight.

Roman Window Shades

Insulation of Window Shades

Another important factor to keep in mind is the insulation window shades provide for your home. Extra insulation has become an increasingly important issue as many homes are turning “green” and attempt to lower their utilities. The right shades can help save your money while keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is particularly the case with the design of the cellular shades. Make sure that you take your insulation needs into account when selecting shades. It is important to relay your needs to your designer to ensure that they can help.

Window Blinds Direct will find shades that suit your needs and will meet your expectations.

Slats or No Slats

Another issue to take into consideration is whether or not you would like to purchase shade with slats or without them. This decision can impact the light control of the shades in question along with their appearance. Slats that are adjustable make for great light filtering “on demand”, where you can adjust the level of shade to suit your needs at the moment. Note that this is also possible, to an extent, using shades that have no slats. When there are no slats, however, it can be difficult to regulate the amount of light because once you raise the shade, the full force of the glare from outside will shine into the room with nothing standing in its way. Slats offer a way to help better regulate light control to suit your needs.

Cost Of Window Shades

Finally, remember to keep your budget in mind! Be honest with your designer about budgetary constraints. At Window Blinds Direct, we are more than happy to work with you to stay respectful of your vision along with your budget. We will not try to convince you to make a selection that we know will go over budget, but we must understand what your price point is before we can begin pulling potential options for your consideration. We believe that everyone deserves quality window treatments, and are happy to find great products at a low cost.