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Vienna Shades

When you invest in custom window treatments, you want the best deal you can find, right? Of course! You also want an option that will work well for your needs, however, rather than something that is cheap but not at all something you can use. That is why it is important to take some factors into account when determining what kind of window shades to purchase. Remember that you can dictate your Vienna shades design and exactly how you would like them to appear. So pick a style you like that is suitable for your needs and then contact us at Window Blinds Direct to make them perfect! Let’s take a look at a trendy kind of shade known as Vienna shades Toronto.

Vienna Shades

Beauty And Privacy

One of the best things about Vienna shades Toronto is just how light and airy they appear. These are the kind of shades that filter light beautifully to avoid harsh glares on televisions or computer screens without compromising your privacy in the process. Because the horizontal vanes are suspended between layers of sheer and airy fabric, the light filtering abilities can be as soft as you would like. It is also possible to buy Vienna shades Toronto in room darkening styles, however, keep in mind that sheer shades are meant to be airy. Therefore they might not provide the exact level of room darkening that you would like. Because the layer of fabric between the shade vanes remains regardless of whether the shades are open or closed, Vienna shades offer a level of privacy that does not impede with allowing soft light to enter the windows.


As with other types of sheer shades, Vienna shades Toronto do not necessarily offer the best insulation features out there. The light fabric that is so popular on these shades just does not do as well at insulating rooms as thick, heavy drapes. That does not mean that they do nothing, of course. Pairing these sheer shades with heavier custom drapes is a great way to maintain that airy, light ambience while still insulating your home.


Vienna sheer shades Toronto can be on the expensive side of the scale. These are elegant shades that are meant to look and feel beautiful, and that can come at a higher price. With that said, it is possible to somewhat control the cost of these shades by selecting the right kind of fabric.

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