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Window Treatments Woodbridge

Window Treatments Woodbridge

Many people don’t know the difference between shutters, shades, or blinds. When you are in the window treatment business, however, it is important that you know the difference and have the ability to explain those differences to current and potential clients. We make it a point to lay out all of the differences and benefits of each type of treatment. Clients appreciate when you take the time to go through their options and find out what works best for them. This is a reason why people seek our company out for window treatments Woodbridge. In the design world blinds, regardless of the material they are made from or the style in which they are created, are labeled as a “hard” window treatments Woodbridge.

Pirouette Sheer Window Shades

The reason blinds are considered a hard window treatment is because blinds contain individual slats, the horizontal or vertical. These pieces are separate and are typically harder than window shades which conversely are called “soft” window treatments. Also shades are made from fabric which gives them their softer look. These are the types of things we share with our clients so they are better informed on their design decisions.

Every home needs some type of window treatment and each type of window treatment has its own benefits. Blinds are designed to create privacy and control the light coming in, and they are extremely efficient at doing this. Shutters have the same function of privacy and light control that is similar to blinds, but shutters add decorative appeal and style to the home. The same could be said about shades in reference to privacy and adding a design element to any room. Shades, however, have the option to stop all light from coming through completely. All of the other window treatments filter in some light, or allow some light to penetrate. We will go room by room with you to determine which is the best type of window treatment meets the need and style of that room.

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